What Set Susan Sarandon's "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Trailer on Fire in 1974?!

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Playing Susan Sarandon's incredible stories from two iconic movies!
Susan Sarandon's incredible stories from two iconic movies! Aired November 17, 2017

Take us back, Susan — TAKE US BACK!

Susan Sarandon is taking a seat at our kitchen table this Friday, and the "Bad Moms" star is dishing on some of her most iconic roles — including Jane in "The Witches of Eastwick" and Janet in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"!

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On catching pneumonia during “Rocky Horror” filming – and then having her trailer set on fire by space heaters:

"Here’s a cautionary tale," she says. "If you’re going to be months in London in the winter with a set where the roof is leaking, do not be in your underpants and bra. I got pneumonia and was performing a lot of it sick, so the doctors said, 'She can come, but you have to find some place where it's warm.' So, they put a screen around a space heater, and the whole thing caught on fire. Luckily, there was nobody in there. And my trailer also caught on fire later. So, it was an eventful shoot. When I look at it, I think, 'We had a blast.' But actually, it was hard!"

(Also a fun fact: She's taken both Molly Ringwald and Natalie Portman to see midnight screenings of the cult classic!)

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On her last-minute role switch in "Witches of Eastwick":

"Well, here's a little-known fact. I was cast in Cher's part, and right before we started shooting, they moved me to the other part, which didn't even have an ending. So, I was pretty upset, and I had to learn to play the cello, which was impossible, in, like, two weeks. I learned it almost like a dance, and it was really difficult for me to find a way to not be upset during that whole filming. In fact, my red curly wig — because I thought, well, she has sex with the devil, maybe her hair gets curly – was Cher's wig from her show, and the gold dress that I'm wearing was also Cher's. We became friends, but it was a tough beginning."

Watch part of her interview with Rach in the interview above!

Plus, to learn more about Susan's latest project "Soufra," the inspiring documentary about Mariam Shaar, who launched a successful catering business within her refugee camp, click here!

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