"ABC World News Tonight" Anchor David Muir's "Go Bag" Is CHOCK FULL of '90s Beauty Products

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"ABC World News Tonight" anchor David Muir swung by our kitchen counter, where he revealed the number-one thing he needs when a big story hits — his "go bag."

And quite possibly the most important piece in that bag? His classic '90s hair gel!

"I've never done this on television before…" David begins, then whips out a little yellow bottle of got2b Glue.

"This is the gel! Obviously, I need more — this is used," he says, laughing. "But this stuff, I can put in my hair once a year and it won't move for a year. It's amazing!"

Cracking up, Rach takes the bottle and notes, "I would love to live with you! Because see? He squeezes up the 'toothpaste tube' correctly. I know this is hair gel, but see! He's used it properly."

(We're looking at your toothpaste game, John!)

Rachael Ray Show

David spilled out the rest of his bag, too, including his trusty pair of lace-up boots ("I've been wearing them for 10 years, I just had them re-soled"), his favorite black T-shirt (people on Instagram love to point out all the holes!), and one last thing that he can't put in the bag because it's glass, but that he can't live without — his cologne.

And the most hilarious fact about it? It's Abercrombie!

"David!" Rach screams.

"Can I tell you why, though? There's a reason!" he explains. "Years ago, I was filling in on 'Good Morning America' with Diane Sawyer, who is one of my dear friends to this day — one of the best humans on the planet. And I filled in one morning next to her, and of course, it's Diane Sawyer sitting next to you saying, 'Good morning, America.'"

"The next morning," he continues, "she comes into the office, and I'm getting ready to go on, and she just kind of walks in and she leans over, and she [sniffs me]. She goes, 'What is that? I've been thinking about it since yesterday.'"

Rach gets it! "Check please!"

Naturally, David says, "I've been wearing this cologne ever since."

Can't argue with that logic!

Of course, we couldn't let David show and tell and not return the favor — so Rach made David a "go bag," too — an edible one!

And what did she put in it? Kettle & Fire Bone Broth, Turkey Perky Jerky, all-natural Vermont Smoke & Cure meat sticks, Justin's Classic Almond Butter squeeze packs, organic instant oatmeal, our culinary team member Jeanette's granola and Hippeas, which Rach LOVES.

"They're chickpea puffs that taste like cheese doodles!"

And they're high in protein to boot!

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