Rene Russo on the Sweet Thing Pierce Brosnan Did Before They Shot Their "Thomas Crown Affair" Sex Scene

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The fact that it's not quite Friday yet getting you down?

Chin up — Rene Russo stopped by, and she came with an ADORABLE #TBT about her time with Pierce Bronson on the set of the 1999 classic "The Thomas Crown Affair" (which, by the way, is one of Rach's faves!).

While playing the stunning detective opposite Brosnan's billionaire-turned-heister, she and the Irish actor had to film a sex scene.

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And yes, she can confirm: He's every bit the gentleman you'd hope he'd be.

"So Pierce comes in," Rene begins, "[and] he's nude, but he's got a robe on. And I am, and I have a robe on. And he has a teeny, weeny little — well, not that! — but a teeny, weeny little [thing] covering his ahem."

With Rach cracking up, Rene continues, "So I've got my robe on, and we're kind of standing there, and everyone's off the set — it's closed set. And he walks in the door with a silver tray, two champagne glasses and a bottle of champagne."

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There was a slight snag! "What I didn't tell him was that I don't drink, 'cause I'd fall asleep!" she says, laughing. "But that's the kind of guy he is. And he toasted me, and then everyone had to leave. He's a great guy."

Certainly sounds like it to us!

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