Can "Despicable Me" Actress Miranda Cosgrove Actually Speak Minionese?!

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Actress Miranda Cosgrove has been the voice of Margo in the “Despicable Me” series since the very first movie debuted in 2010 ("Despicable Me 3" is out on DVD now, by the way!) -- but does that mean she can actually speak Minionese now?!

Well, yes and no!

When she visited our show (minion hat and all!), Miranda told Rach that she knows that “bellō” essentially means hello in Minionese and that “bee doo bee doo bee doo” is the sound minions make when they’re alarmed.

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"That’s pretty much all I’ve gotten so far [over] the last 13 years," she admits.

Fair enough -- but if Rach gets her way, Miranda will have a lot more Minionese to teach us when she visits us next!

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