Watch 2 Saucy Seniors Fight for a Date With a Dreamy Young Milkshake Bar Owner

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If you watch "Food Flirts" on PBS, we don’t have to tell you how hilariously entertaining the Brass sisters, Marilynn and Sheila, are.

The charming ladies are known for flirting their way through various chefs' kitchens -- and when we sent them on a mission to taste test some of New York City’s trendiest desserts, they sure lived up to their name.

The deciding factor? The height of their milkshakes! (Spoiler: One sister won by half an inch!)

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Can't get enough of these fabulously forward food explorers?

Watch the video above to see one of the sassy siblings give Boqueria chef Marc Vidal a little smooch and the other admire the blue eyes of Underwest Donut's owner and chef, Scott Levine.

We don’t know about you, but we’re in stitches.

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