"NCIS" Star Emily Wickersham On That Time She Got Arrested (and Yes, Her Mom Knows!)

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Mother-daughter goals, y'all!

When "NCIS" star Emily Wickersham stopped by our show for the first time, she made sure to bring her mom, Amy — which obviously made Rach an instant fan.

"I talk to my mom every day — I love anybody who shows up with their mom!" Rach tells Emily.

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Which is why, when it came time for her to play a round of our specially tailored silly new guest game — in this case, "NCIGuess" (you see what we did there!) — we asked her to play…

With her mom!

And Amy happily obliged!

We asked Amy three questions, each of which Emily guessed her mom's answer to, including the most scandalous thing Emily did in college.

And they had NO problem coming up with that answer!

"Caught drinking beer in a bar and was taken away in a squad car," Amy wrote.

"For the record," Emily says, "it was just because of the fake I.D. Nothing else!"

But Amy couldn't help but add, "She was on the cover of the college paper the next day."

Complete with a pic of Emily IN the cop car!

They also dished on Emily's best gift to her mom (Amy says it's a poem she wrote her when she was 10, while Emily cheekily answered "Me? :)" ), and what Amy really thought her daughter would be when she grew up. (For the record, NOT an actress!)

Watch them show the love in the video above!

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