Rach Fights Back Tears Talking to Vet Who Saved Pup With Cracked Skull and Broken Jaw

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Playing Rach Fights Back Tears Talking to Vet Who Saved Pup With Cracked Skull and Broken Jaw

Gear up, everybody — this one's a real tearjerker.

When vet-to-be Danielle Boyd saw Squish for the first time, she found him looking like this:

Rachael Ray Show

At just four months old, Squish was dropped off at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter with his skull cracked and his jaw broken, making his face look sunk in on one side. The vets did all they could possibly do to help Squish recover from what Rach rightfully notes were "catastrophic" injuries. But still, Squish could barely eat through the pain, which is why ultimately, they thought he would need to be euthanized.

That's where Danielle stepped in. The future veterinarian — she was only an intern at the time — spotted Squish while working at the vet and decided to take him home, just to give him a night outside of the tightly packed local shelter.

But once she had him home, she knew she had to keep him. And that's when she decided to playfully name the adorable pup Squish and get him everything he could need to make a full recovery.

But it hasn't been an easy road. As Danielle told Rach in a video chat on our show, since adopting Squish, he's had multiple surgeries. He had to have dental work done to be able to eat properly, and he even had to have his one eye removed.

And Danielle wouldn't change a single thing.

"He's amazing," says Danielle (with Squish in her arms, now snacking on treats!). "He's been fantastic. He's a little bit cheeky at times! And he's fantastic."

She adds, "I've always had rescue animals my entire life, and that's one thing that lead me to want to be a vet. He has inspired me in ways that I honestly never imagined. Everyone tells me how lucky he is to have found me that day, but…"

"It's the other way around, isn't it?" says Rach.

"It is," she agrees. "He's amazing."

Well, we think they're BOTH amazing! Which is why Rach gave them LOTS of Nutrish — and PetSmart donated gift cards for Danielle and Squish, and everyone in our studio audience!

No, you're crying.

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