Out Of All Her Magazine Cover Pics, THIS Is the One Oprah Can Not STAND

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Yes, Oprah has been on all 200-plus covers of O, The Oprah Magazine (wow!) -- and no, if she had it her way, that wouldn’t be the case!

"She has been saying, 'Let's find someone else for the cover’ for at least 10 years," Oprah’s BFF and editor-at-large of the magazine Gayle King says.

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"It was never her intention to be the cover girl for the whole time," the co-host of CBS This Morning continues.

"But the thing is, whenever Oprah’s on any other magazine, it outsells. Can you think of anybody else that’s better on the cover than Oprah?"

Fair point, Gayle, fair point!

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Regardless of feeling like she’s run out of poses, Oprah has pulled off a beautiful cover each and every month for nearly 18 years!

BUT she hasn’t loved every single one.

Her least favorite?

Rachael Ray Show

"We brought this one, Rachael, because this is a cover she hates," Gayle admits.

"This is the Martha Washington cover," Creative Director Adam Glassman adds with a sigh, referencing the May 2007 issue. "At the time, we all thought it was lovely. It was the first time, actually, [that] she ever wore her hair up for the cover -- and afterward, she's like, 'I look like Martha Washington.'"

"We will never live it down," he concludes.

Well, you can't win 'em all!

But it's safe to say that there have been enough winning covers over the years to make up for it!

Let’s revisit some of the classics, shall we?


Rachael Ray Show

"I had been pushing for black and white for years," Adam says off the historic cover, "but Gayle loves everything in color."

With that said, we think even Gayle agrees that this one exception was well worth it!


Rachael Ray Show

"I love that," Rach says. "That's one of my all-time favorites."

"Women love to talk about their hair," Gayle adds. "Everybody [has] hair issues!"

FUN FACT: Everyone, including Gayle and Adam, tried that wig on!


Rachael Ray Show

"It [was] the last shot of the day, guys," the editor-at-large recalls.

She remembers Adam having to convince Oprah to take just one more shot in natural light.

And voila, a flawlessly real cover was born!

THE MOST EPIC (In our opinion!)

Rachael Ray Show

"I was stuck on a glacier for three days," Adam recounts of this shoot in Alaska. "I went for three hours, I thought, [but] snow came in. We got stuck. It was like Gilligan's Island."

The dedication!

And of course, don’t miss the newest issue (with a DOUBLE cover) -- featuring Oprah with her "A Wrinkle In Time" co-stars, Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling.

Here's a sneak peek:

Rachael Ray Show

What. A. Trio.

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