Ahead of the Season 2 Finale of "This Is Us," Milo Ventimiglia Confirms If Jack Pearson Is Still Alive

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"This Is Us" fans, THIS is for you!

Milo Ventimiglia stopped by our show ahead of the season 2 finale of "This Is Us," and GET THIS -- he confirmed that even though his character, Jack Pearson, appears in the finale as an old man, his character is indeed dead.


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"In the finale," Rach says, "you do see yourself aged many years in Mandy Moore’s mind."

"Is it? Is it Mandy’s mind? Rachael, you're projecting!" Milo teases.

But then, for better or for worse, he clarifies, "He is [dead]."

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(I mean, we had a feeling they weren't playing tricks on us, but having it confirmed by the man himself hurts. ? )

If your heart can take it, watch Rach and Milo talk it out in the video above!

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