According to This Actress, When You Eat at Rachael Ray's House, the Food's So Good, You'll Want to Lay Down in Her Kitchen (and She Did!)

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Lauren Ash makes us LOL every week on the hit NBC series "Superstore," but she really made us laugh when she talked about going to dinner at Rachael's!

Rach, who teased a soon-to-be revealed project with Lauren (!), whipped up what the actress called a "beautiful meal."

And what did Lauren do to it? DESTROY it — and while clad in one of Rachael's robes! ?

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"[Lauren] literally stretched her beautiful body across my kitchen counter!" says Rach.

"I still feel guilty about [the robe]," says Lauren. "Red wine, like, four kinds of salsa. She makes these beautiful meals, and I'm like, 'Yeah!' Just dripping. Laying on the counter in this beautiful home. The next day, I literally was like, 'Ugh, I got to apologize about that robe!'"

Rach, cracking up, adds, "Just for fun, my husband and I — and John is the biggest, most hypochondriacal, germaphobe in the world — just for fun, we spent an entire bottle of shout trying to bring that robe back from the dead."

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Honestly, you just have to watch these two relive it — watch the video above!

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