Behind-the-Scenes Secrets: TLC's "Trading Spaces" Cast Reveals Which Designer Cost the Show $8,000 In Damage

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If you’re anything like us, you were *super* excited about the reboot of TLC's "Trading Spaces" back in April. 

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So much so that we invited cast members Ty Pennington, Genevieve Gorder, Paige Davis, Doug Wilson and John Gidding on our show for a little reunion -- and boy was it a blast!

Aside from showing us how to fix a hole in the wall, reupholster a loveseat WITHOUT sewingcreate an blush ombre floating shelf wall, and buy the right area rug for a space, they also revealed behind-the-scenes secrets.

We'll let you in on them, but shhh!


Was your guess Ty Pennington?

If it was, you're actually incorrect!

It's none other than Doug Wilson!

"I never know what he’s going to do for television," host Paige says. "He breaks the rules all the time."

In fact, Paige recounts, during an episode at a fraternity house, Doug was told countless times NOT to throw the sofa out the window.

But that he did!

And it cost the show $8,000 in damage, because it knocked the gutter off the building.

"The ratings paid for it all!" Doug jokingly claps back.


You know the premise of the show!

Neighbors swap homes for two days and redesign a room in the other’s home with the help of one of the show’s designers -- without having a say in the design that will ultimately live in their own home!

Sooo, you’d assume that there have been quite a few unhappy neighbors through the years, right?

Well, not necessarily, the cast says!

"That happens rarely, I have to say," Doug says.

"The show was on for 8 years -- that's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of room," Paige chimes in. "And I don’t need my fingers and toes to count how many times it went south."

Watch the video above to see how one couple, Nancy and Lenny, reacted less than positively to one of Genevieve’s designs.

But don’t worry, we checked back in with Nancy in real-time, and there are no hard feelings! In fact, she loved her experience on the show regardless.

"We don't fix it or change it or put it back," Paige continues.

With that said, Ty admits that he did help undo part of a design once.

"I did help a family remove about 3,000 wine labels off a wall, just because I felt bad," he explains.

What a gent!

Watch the video below to see the cast answer fan questions, speed-round style! (Has anyone ever apologized to a client? What do they consider their weaknesses? Have they ever left a job unfinished? Find out!)


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