Rosie Perez Is the "First Lady of Boxing" — But It's Actually Rachael Who Likes to Box!

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Talk about a girl who loves a good fight!

When Rosie Perez visited, Rach couldn't resist asking her about a love they both share — boxing!

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Fun fact: Rosie loves boxing so much, she's known as the “First Lady of Boxing!”

But, while she's a megafan of the sport, she's not a boxer herself.

"No, I don't like to get hit in the face," Rosie jokes.

Rach, on the other hand, used to LOVE to get into the ring!

"Years ago, when I first started in food and I was working in production kitchens, my food produce guy was a Golden Gloves champ and he had a boxing gym," Rach recalls. "And he played Donna Summer and really cool disco music, and he got all the ladies in town to come to his gym… I used to box all the time!"

She adds, "I loved being in the ring — I loved punching! It's just fun."

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Rosie couldn't agree more. "It's a great form of exercise and also, a form of discipline," she says. "It teaches you to be tenacious and committed to whatever goal you are setting for yourself."

Plus, she loves having Rach as a fellow lady who loves the sport! "I'm so glad that you said you're into boxing cause there are a LOT of women who are into boxing."

"It's a very empowering thing," Rach agrees.

And romantic? Fun fact: Rosie was sold on her husband, Eric Haze, by his willingness to share her enthusiasm for the sport.

"We were going to see [Floyd] Mayweather versus Canelo [Alvarez] in Las Vegas, and he said, 'Hey, why don't we get married after the fight.' And I was like, 'OH MY GOD!'"

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"And did you?" Rach asks.

"YES!" Rosie screams.

As the story goes, after the 2013 match, the “In Living Color” alum and the artist stayed at the MGM Grand hotel-casino, then woke up the next morning and eloped! They now live in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

So sweet!

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