Is Paula Patton's 8-Year-Old (Whose Dad Is Robin Thicke) About to Be Rachael's Next Foodie Guest?!

by Rose Marie Walano 3:00 AM, April 24, 2018

Aired April 24, 2018

You can never be too young to be a little foodie!

Case in point: Paula Patton swung by our kitchen counter to talk about her new thriller, Traffik, but while she was here, she revealed some adorable (and, in the case of Rach, extremely exciting) news about her 8-year-old son, Julian — he knows his way around a kitchen!

"You know what he's into now?" she asks. "Cooking! I'm telling you, it's crazy!"

Rachael's immediate response? "Shut up! Julian, come party with me!"

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And the most astounding part to her? "He does it without a recipe," says Paula, amazed by her little boy (which she shares with ex-husband Robin Thicke). "It's the wildest thing!"

But Rach says that's exactly what she loves about child chefs. "They don't have rules!" she says. "They break all of them because they don't know about them yet. I find that they're more refreshing in a kitchen then a lot of adult chefs I know."

"I love that you said that," Paula agrees. "There are no rules, and that's for life, isn't it?" (Preach!)

"It'll keep him eating better, whether he becomes a rocket scientist or an actor," says Rachael. "He'll have self-esteem. He'll be able to provide for himself because he knows how to make dinner. It'll improve the quality of the rest of his life, his interest in food."

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We couldn't agree more, Rach!

Next up? Julian's helping his mom plant and keep an herb garden — we couldn't be more charmed!