Wild Video Footage From Actor Billy Crudup Shows What Getting Caught In an Arctic Hurricane Looks Like

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Talk about dedication to your craft!

While on location in Greenland filming his upcoming movie with Cate Blanchett, "Where'd You Go, Bernadette," Billy Crudup got stuck in an Arctic hurricane.


(While the scenes they were filming take place in Antarctica in the movie, they filmed them in Greenland, the actor explains to Rach.)

"We had to leave the little bay that we were in two days early because the captain of the boat that we were on said that there [was] a storm coming in and we had to get out before the storm," he explains.

"So we got out into the ocean," the current Off-Broadway star recounts, "and the storm caught up to us."

And before he knew it, he was in an Arctic hurricane with 30-foot swells!

"It was pretty exciting," Billy says as Rach does this on behalf of all of us.

In fact, he and the crew decided to venture on top of the boat to experience the storm firsthand (!!!) -- and Billy even captured it on camera, which you can watch for yourself in the video above!

(For the record, Billy's brother, Tommy -- who works on our show -- insists he would NEVER pull the same move. We're with you, Tommy!)

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