Danica Patrick Opens Up To Rach About Her Boyfriend, Pro Football Player Aaron Rodgers

by Cristina Corvino 3:00 AM, April 30, 2018

Aired April 30, 2018

When iconic professional racing driver Danica Patrick visited our show, we decided to play a little game of "lasts" with her in honor of her last professional race in the 2018 Indianapolis 500 on May 27.

And when Rach asked her who the *last* person she texted was, she responded, "My boyfriend."

(All together now -- aw!)

Now, while she didn't name him, it's public knowledge at this point that her boyfriend is Green Bay Packers star player Aaron Rodgers -- and when Rach asked what she likes about him, one of her answers practically gave it away, too!

(Danica also posted an adorable photo on Instagram from her birthday at the end of March with Aaron in it!)

"He's funny, he's very kind, he's thoughtful," she tells Rach.

"He's super smart," she continues. "And he's really good at football."

(*There* it is!)

And she didn't stop there!

"And he's tall and big," she gushes, "and I like that!"

Watch the video above to hear her talk about a recent trip she took around the world with Aaron AND watch the video below to hear how she's feeling about racing in her last professional race EVER. You'll be able to spot her in the neon-green car with GoDaddy (her sponsor) emblazoned on the hood!