Chris O'Donnell On "Brotherly" Relationship With "NCIS: LA" Co-Star LL Cool J: "We Can Drive Each Other Crazy"


It's safe to say that "NCIS: LA" co-stars Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J are as good as brothers after tackling NINE seasons of the show together.

And it's *also* safe to say that they treat each other as such.

After all, when Rach asked Chris if their two families spend time together when the cameras stop rolling, Chris didn't beat around the bush.

"We have, but we spend so much time with each other," he explains with a smile. "I mean, it's a brotherly thing where I'm as close with him as anybody I've ever worked with and he'll always be a dear friend, but to the same point, we can drive each other crazy."

"It's like with your siblings when you're growing up and pestering each other nonstop," he goes on. "It becomes the goal of the day."

And Chris *may* have made clear who does most of the pestering.

"[LL] puts up with me," he admits. "He's a good sport about it."

Ah, you gotta love brotherly love!

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