Essential Hotel Tips for a Germ-Free Stay

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When you check into a hotel during your next vacation, how can you be certain some germs from the last guest are not joining you during your stay? Travel Channel host Anthony Melchiorri goes inside hotels for his new series, Hotel Impossible, and is sharing some of his best tips with us!

•When you first arrive, check for stains on the bedspread. "If it's not pristine, I flip it onto the floor."
•Remove throw pillows from the bed. "Where was this last night?" Anthony questions. "I don't know."
•Inspect for bedbugs. "Hotels don't have bedbugs; guests have bedbugs and bring them," he explains. Look for them by checking the piping on the mattress for blood stains, which could indicate the presence of bedbugs. "Bedbugs don't carry disease," he reassures. Still, "If you see one, don't go and change to another room. Go [elsewhere]!"

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