4 New and Improved Ways to Make Holiday Gingerbread Men

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired December 10, 2014

Get ready for the cutest holiday makeover ever.

With a little glitter, frosting and other simple accessories, our resident cookie man, Grant, is showing Rachael (and YOU!) four new Gingerbread Man looks for the holiday season. These adorable creations are so cute, you won’t actually want to eat them – well, almost, anyway.  

1.) Dancing Gingerbread Man

Whoever said you couldn't play with your food is wrong! This Dancing Gingerbread Man is an adorable treat for kids and let’s face it, adults too. Using the bottom of a pastry tip, cut two holes that are big enough for your fingers. After you bake and decorate them, start your own Rockettes Kick Line by making them dance!

2.) Rudolph the Gingerbread Man

Rachael Ray Show

Here’s what happens when you take our two favorite holiday things and make them into one. Behold, Rudolph the Gingerbread Man! You simply flip the Gingerbread Man upside down; frost a big red nose and antlers. Proudly display this cookie on your tray, or win your Christmas Cookie Bake-Off with this adorable treat!

3.) Hugging Gingerbread Man

Rachael Ray Show

This friendly Gingerbread Man loves a whole lot. We folded over his arms to hug a peppermint or a sprig of rosemary. This is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. The Gingerbread man is almost too adorable to eat!

4.) DrUnK Gingerbread Man

Rachael Ray Show

This Drunk Gingerbread Man has had a little too much holiday cheer! While still hot, we take the Gingerbread man and stick him in a martini glass. Pour your favorite eggnog and drink. Cheers to a happy holiday!

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