3 Foolproof Pastry Cream Recipes by Yigit Pura


Playing Yigit Pura’s Banana Chocolate Mud Pie
Yigit Pura’s Banana Chocolate Mud Pie Aired January 06, 2015

Are you looking to find a great new dessert recipe to make in 2015? How about three?

Top Chef: Just Desserts winner Yigit Pura is showing you how to take one pastry cream and turn it into three brand-new treats, all of which are fun and incredibly easy to make.  (In other words: You'll be auditioning for Top Chef in no time.)

Check them out, below.

Yigit Pura's Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream

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The great thing about pastry cream is that it's a simple, classic and easy-to-follow recipe, one that can be transformed into brand-new desserts in just minutes. Pura's recipe is an especially empowering one, as its foolproof techniques will make even the most timid of bakers feel like a 'Top Chef' winner themselves. The added berries on top allow you the opportunity to enjoy this dessert year-round, depending on what's in season.

Yigit Pura’s Banana Chocolate Mud Pie

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This recipe is an especially fun one to make, as it reveals numerous pastry-chef secrets -- everything from how to make dry caramel to pastry rosettes in just seconds. The end result may get a teensy bit sloppy, but when it tastes this good, who cares?

Yigit Pura’s Berries and Cream Parfait

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Now, you can upgrade your store-bought angel food cake in just minutes! To make your pastry cream taste extra special, Pura recommends whisking together orange zest, orange flower water and vanilla chantilly cream. The result: a delicious Northern Mediterranean flavor that will keep you and your guests happy for days.

Happy eating!

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