7 Brand-New Chicken Wing Recipes by Chef Curtis Stone

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired January 12, 2015

Why have one brand-new chicken wings recipe when you can have seven?

This week, we challenged chef Curtis Stone to see how many chicken wings recipes he could whip up in 10 minutes. How did he do? Well, let's just say that things turned out pretty delicious -- enough to keep every football fan happy through the rest of the season.

Get all 7 of Curtis Stone's chicken wings recipes, below.

Curtis Stone’s 2-Ingredient Hot Maple Wings

Rachael Ray Show

2-ingredient chicken wings. Do we really need to say more? (Seriously, why are you still reading this?)

Curtis Stone's Curry Wings

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This recipe features a bit of a Tandoori taste, and allows you to use a number of different spices to get that perfect flavor. (Curtis says anything in your spice rack will work.) Just don't be afraid to get a little messy. The delicious taste will be worth it in the long run.

Curtis Stone's Dry Spiced Wings

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Here's a recipe every spicy food fan will love. Among the highlights featured: Chinese Five-Spice; red and green chili powder; cayenne; and cumin. 'Nuff said.

Curtis Stone's Crazy Asian Wings

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Are you a big fan of Asian food? You'll love this recipe, as it combines hoisin, oyster and fish sauce to get that incredible flavor you crave!

Curtis Stone's Blue Cheese Proscuittio Wings

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Is there anything better than crispy proscuittio? This recipe combines that delicious meat flavor with another taste your mouth will love: blue cheese. The combination is seriously out of this world.

Curtis Stone's Piri Piri Wings

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If you want to know what Hot Piri Sauce is, just think "spicy spicy"; it's hot pepper sauce. If you want the recipe to be a little less spicy, just break the pepper in half and take the seeds out in the membrane; that's where most of the heat lives. Otherwise, throw the whole pepper into your food processor.

Curtis Stone's Sticky Asian Wings

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This recipe gets its sticky feel from honey; the soy sauce, lemongrass and ginger add that delicious Asian flavor. Combined, you're going to be one happy eater.

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