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Robert Irvine Presents Buttered Coffee Aired January 21, 2015

From radishes to buttered coffee, “Restaurant: Impossible’s” Robert Irvine is spilling the beans on the food trends you need to know:
1.    Buttered Coffee – It helps to have a cup of coffee before you work out; the fat in the coffee helps to slow the absorption of the caffeine into the blood stream to keep you going longer.

2.    Yogurt – Did you know traditional yogurt has about 6% of pureed fruit? Nutrient dense yogurt has 30% more purees of fruits and veggies. Flavors range from tomato, butternut squash, beet and sweet potato.
3.    Smoked Butter – Use it to slather on grilled corn, mix with fresh herbs, the possibilities are endless.
4.    Coconut Oil & Coconut Sugar – It sports a low glycemic index so it’s good for you. It can even be used for baking and isn’t as sweet as traditional sugar.
5.    Harissa – A versatile Moroccan red pepper paste which is a little smokier than Sriracha. Use in scrambled eggs, on meat and sandwiches.
6.    Radishes – Sweet and vibrant with great texture. Can be roasted or sautéed with a little bit of butter and served as a side dish. They’re also great in simple salads.

Watch below for Robert's tips on how to pair yogurt with vegetables.

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