Ted Allen Reveals 4 Secret Foodie Ingredients

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired June 18, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

Want to kick up your cuisine with minimal effort? Check out these four secret ingredients which will have your dinner guests going, "Hmmm..." wondering how you did it!

Secret Foodie Ingredient No. 1: Toasted Chiles

Ted shows you how to instantly up the flavor profile of your chili or Mexican sauces – just toast dried chiles on a cast iron pan until they start to smoke.

Secret Foodie Ingredient No. 2: Anchovies

Before you recoil in horror, hear Ted out. Anchovies will not dominate a dish, but they will add an earthy depth of flavor to punch it up. And they will melt right in, so no one will be the wiser!

Tip: Don’t salt your dish until after you add anchovies due to the natural salt occurring in the fish.

Secret Foodie Ingredient No. 3: Honey

Honey counteracts the acidity in a salad dressing, creating a beautiful smooth flavor. And honey reflects the vegetation of the area the bees live in, so a good local honey will reflect that.

Tip: After you’ve blended your other ingredients, stream olive oil into the open hole at the top of your blender while it’s going to create the perfect emulsion.

Secret Foodie Ingredient No. 4: Compound Butter

Compound butter is just another way of saying flavored or herbed butter. And Ted has some amazing suggestions for flavorings: thyme, red pepper, chipotle powder, curry, cardamom, rosemary… the possibilities are endless!

Tip: Serve at the table in a ramekin or chill in rolled logs and slice into discs.

What secret ingredient do you use to elevate your food?

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