Gather for this Week’s Sunday Supper: Spotlight on Veggies

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show

by Lisa Lozano

Every week we bring you a Sunday night dinner plan that will bring your loved ones together for an evening of good food and good company. This week’s Sunday Supper is all about that beautiful produce you want your family to love eating. This meal is packed full of greens, root veggies and berries, but your family won’t notice because of all the other yummy additions!

Roasted Vegetable Lasagna

Rachael Ray Show

For the main course, we have Kelsey Nixon’s nutrient-dense root vegetable lasagna. The cheese-y deliciousness of this dish will win over even the most staunch veggie-phobe.

Tip: Use frozen spinach to save time AND money without sacrifing flavor.

Sauteed Broccoleaf

Rachael Ray Show

For a side, why not lighten things up with broccoleaf sautéed with olive oil and garlic. The brightness of the greens will balance out the heavier pasta dish.

Red Velvet Blueberry Cobbler

Rachael Ray Show

And for dessert, save yourself a little time and energy with an easy blueberry cobbler that uses a boxed cake mix. If you don’t have blueberries, any berry will work.

Gather your loved ones around the table and dig in!

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