Give Your Tired Burger Routine an Overhaul with 15 Mind-Blowing Toppings


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5 Ways to Spice Up Ketchup for Burgers Aired July 20, 2015

Tired of boring burgers? Food Network host Jeff Mauro is here with 15 mind-blowing ways to spice up your summer grilling routine! Watch above for inspiration and see below for the recipes.


For Sriracha-Lime Mayo, mix in sriracha, lime juice and zest.
For Roasted-Garlic Mayo, squeeze out roasted garlic cloves and smash them into mayo.
For Bacon-Chive Mayo, chop bacon and chives, and stir to combine.
For Pimiento and Cheddar Mayo, chop jarred pimientos and add to mayo along with shredded sharp cheddar and season with smoked paprika.

For Giardiniera Mayo, add chopped, oil-packed giardiniera.


For Buffalo Ketchup, add hot sauce and sour cream.
For Chipotle-Agave Ketchup, add chopped chipotle peppers and agave.
For Bloody Mary Ketchup, add chopped olives, celery leaves, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice.
For Sesame-Soy Ketchup, add soy sauce and sesame oil.
For Dill Ketchup with Champagne Vinegar, add chopped dill and champagne vinegar.


For Pickle Mustard, add chopped dill pickles and a splash of pickle juice.
For Caramelized Onion and Thyme Mustard, add chopped caramelized onions and some dried thyme.
For Wasabi-Ginger Mustard, add wasabi and ground ginger.
For Hot Maple Mustard, add hot sauce and maple syrup.
For Cumin-Cilantro Mustard, add cumin and cilantro.

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