7 Crave-Worthy Takeout Recipes You Can Easily Make at Home

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired August 17, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

On today’s show, Rach demonstrates how to make a delicious takeout-inspired Korean-style beef bowl at home. We’re bringing you that recipe, plus 6 more make-your-own-takeout meals that you can make tonight!

Asian-Inspired: Korean-Style Beef Bowl with Brown Rice

Rachael Ray Show

This simple but delectable recipe features ground beef sautéed in a rich Asian-inspired sauce, and served over rice. No need to order takeout to indulge your Korean rice bowl craving!

Tacos: Josh Capon’s Skirt Steak Tacos with Charred Pineapple

Rachael Ray Show

These aren’t your typical make-at-home-with-a-seasoning-packet tacos! If you’re craving authentic flavor but want to make it yourself, try Josh Capon’s spicy and sweet chile-marinated skirt steak tacos. He tops his tacos with a charred pineapple salsa for a complex flavor profile.

Burgers: Big Smacker Daym Drops Burger

Rachael Ray Show

This multi-tiered bacon cheeseburger got a rave review from someone who knows takeout burgers -- the king of online burger reviews, YouTube star Daym Drops! He particularly liked the special sauce.

Pizza: Jessica Alba’s Pizza

Rachael Ray Show

Jessica Alba’s thin-crust pizza can be modified in a myriad of different ways, and it only takes 15 minutes to bake! No need to make a frozen pizza, or order takeout when you have this recipe!

Tip: Jessica Alba makes her own dough, which is super easy but must be made 8-30 hours ahead. If you don’t have the time, most grocery stores sell pre-made pizza dough these days.

Subs: Kelsey Nixon’s Slow Cooker Chicken Meatball Parmesan

Rachael Ray Show

Kelsey’s super-simple meatballs can be thrown in the slow cooker in the morning with some tomato sauce, and be ready to load onto a sub when you get home from work! No need for takeout!

Wings: Super Sriracha Wings with Pickled Carrot and Celery Sticks

Rachael Ray Show

These delicious crispy baked wings are tossed in a sweet and salty Sriracha sauce, and served with a sour cream blue cheese dip, and pickled veggies.

Indian: Chicken and Green Apple Curry with Mashed Major Grey Chutney Sweet Potatoes

Rachael Ray Show

Rach’s take on curry features sweet apples and the flavorful additions of ginger, garlic and Madras curry powder. Rach serves over chutney sweet potatoes, but you could totally serve this with rice.

What’s your favorite kind of takeout? Tell us in the comments.

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