5 Excellent Egg Ideas for Sunday Brunch

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Eggs are pretty nearly the perfect food. Tasty yet nutrient dense, with limitless potential uses. For today, we’re keeping it strictly breakfast! Read on for 5 delicious egg breakfast options.

No. 1: Skinny Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

Rachael Ray Show

First up, we have Bob Harper’s healthy and delicious sweet potato breakfast hash. Just add Bob’s slow cooker tomato sauce to a hash of grated sweet potatoes and scallions, then serve an over-easy egg on top.

See how to make it in the video above!

No. 2: Curtis Stone’s Brekky Bagel Sandwich

Rachael Ray Show

This quick and easy breakfast is super inexpensive -- most of the ingredients – oil, eggs, deli meats, cheese and bagels -- are probably already in your pantry or fridge! Curtis Stone takes it to another level, however, by including a Sriracha aioli – yum!

No. 3: Crispy Eggplant 'Benedict'

Rachael Ray Show

This extremely creative way to serve eggs with eggplant would be perfect to serve at an upscale brunch. First, you make little eggplant parm rounds, then top with prosciutto, wilted greens, a poached egg, and a cheesy béchamel sauce. Yum!

No. 4: Croque Madame

Rachael Ray Show

This rich, French-inspired dish is a perfectly elegant brunch treat. The mouthwatering sandwich is served open-face, and features toast with browned, melted cheese, a fried egg, and a rich French Mornay sauce.

No. 5: Sunny Anderson's Coffee Cup Quiche

Rachael Ray Show

Looking for something super-fast? This 3-minute quiche is brilliant! Make a crust in the bottom of the mug using crushed butter crackers, then pour in a mixture of eggs, Dijon mustard, ham, peas, scallions and brie. Yum!

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