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Are Brown Eggs Better for You Than White Eggs? Aired September 11, 2015

We all love a good egg, but with the different varieties out there, we’re often left wondering which egg is the right egg for us.  Curtis Stone gives us the breakdown:

Brown Eggs
Since brown rice is healthier and more nutritious than white rice, many believe brown eggs are healthier for you than white eggs, but this theory is false for eggs.  The color of the shell is actually determined by the color of the chicken’s earlobes! This also holds true with the color of the chicken’s feathers; a brown chicken will produce a brown egg, and a white chicken will produce a white egg.

Organic Eggs
When an egg is labeled as “organic” it means the chickens are fed a natural diet without hormones or antibiotics.  It also means the chickens have access to the outdoors year-round and are not confined to barns or cages.

Cage-Free Eggs
Cage-free means the chickens are not confined by a small cage and are allowed to roam.  They may not have access to the outdoors and are typically confined to a barn.

Omega-3 Enriched Eggs
Omega-3 enriched eggs come from chickens who consume feed that is high in omega-3s such as flaxseed, fish oil or algae.

Now that you know all there is to know about eggs, get Curtis Stone’s delicious recipe for Poached Eggs with Bacon, Avocado and Lime Mojo here.

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