Here's the Secret to Making Your Carrot Cake Super-Moist, Courtesy of The Ace of Cakes

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If you're anything like our viewer Tanya, you love carrot cake.

What you probably don't love? DRY carrot cake! ?

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Good thing the Ace of Cakes Duff Goldman has an easy fix!

(Seriously, you only need one thing!)

Q: I remember every Sunday growing up having the most delicious carrot cake. Now that I try and recreate it for my own family, it’s always dry. @rachaelrayshow how can I make it taste like the yummy cake I remember? —Tanya (via Twitter)

A: You know what the answer is? Oil. A lot of oil. (Ed. note: Don't let that deter you — as Rachael points out, it still has carrots in it!) Look at your recipe. If it only calls for butter, it's probably not going to be that good. It's not going to get as moist. —Duff Goldman

PS: If chocolate cake is more your thing, he says the same rule applies! You gotta get that oil in there.

Get Duff's full moist carrot cake recipe here!

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