How to Make Your Own Fruit Leather With Only 4 Ingredients

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We all remember eating (and loving!) fruit leather as kids, but who says we can't enjoy it as adults, too?

As Rach puts it, it's a "tasty alternative to candy" — and if you make it yourself at home with your favorite dried fruit, you know exactly what you're putting in there. (No secret ingredients!)

Plus, it's a fun activity to do with your kids!

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Here's exactly what you have to do:

1) Plump dried fruit of your choice by pouring water over it and microwaving it for 5 minutes to soften -- or you can just pour hot water over it instead of microwaving.

(Rach uses apricots in the video above, but she says this technique also works really well with dried, sweetened cherries, cranberries and apple rings!)

2) Drain, and reserve liquid.

2) Add a little bit of honey to your softened fruit and pop it in fruit processor.

3) Puree it until it's smooth and easily spreadable. (If it is too thick, add some of the reserved cooking liquid.)

4) Spread it out nice and smooth on an inverted baking sheet that's been covered in plastic food storage wrap.

If you'd like, you can sprinkle black flax seeds or sesame seeds on top to add some crunch.

5) Bake it at 200°F for about 5-6 hours — or until the mixture is firm, but slightly tacky.

6) Cut the fruit into shapes or roll it up!

Get Rach's full Fruit Leather recipe here!


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