How Do The Covid Vaccines Work + How Are They Different From Others?

The Pfizer + Moderna Covid-19 vaccines are approved for emergency use in the US. Dr. Ian Smith explains how they work differently from other vaccines.

Why You Should Still Get The Vaccine If You've Already Had Covid | Dr. Ian Smith

"Just because you have had Covid-19 does not mean you don't need the vaccine. You still need the vaccine," Dr. Ian Smith says.

When Can You Get The Covid Vaccine? A Doctor Breaks Down Current CDC Recommendations

Who can get the Covid vaccine — and when? "The key is understanding what the CDC has said," according to Dr. Ian Smith.

The Covid Vaccines Explained | Physician + "Doctors" Host Dr. Ian Smith

"They do not use the live virus," Dr. Ian says about the Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines.

Is The Covid Vaccine Safe? Dr. Ian On Why It's Worth The (Very Small) Risk

Is Dr. Ian ready to get the Covid vaccine? "100 percent," he tells Rach. "My wife has already taken it. She's a frontline worker."

Is The Covid Vaccine Safe? Dr. Ian Weighs In

With the Covid vaccines being developed so quickly, some people are worried about how safe it is to get one. Physician Dr. Ian Smith weighs in on those concerns.

Who Can Get The Covid Vaccine? A Doc Explains The CDC Recommendations

The CDC issued guidelines recommending who should get the vaccine when, but it's not a mandate—it's ultimately up to each state, Dr. Ian says.

Yes, You Should Still Get The Vaccine If You've Had Covid—Here's Why

Should you get the Covid vaccine if you've already had Covid? Yes, says Dr. Ian Smith — here's why it's important.

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