How to Make an Easy Ice Cream Pie with Waffle or Sugar Cone Crust

Watch blogger and cookbook author Kelly Senyei show you how to make her ice cream pie, which she calls a "template" for your favorite flavors + toppings.

Rach's One-Pan "Cheater's" Cassoulet With Boneless Chicken

Rachael shares her "cheater's" version of the classic French dish cassoulet, using boneless chicken + canned beans in one pan.

Secret Ingredient Ice Cream Pie

This easy + endlessly adaptable ice cream pie includes a crust made with a brilliant secret ingredient: crushed waffle or sugar cones!

How to Make Rach's One Big Pan "Cheater's" Cassoulet Chicken and Sausage with Beans

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How to Make Tamale Casserole | Budget-Friendly Meal Made With Pantry Staples

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Save $ By Making Tamale Casserole With Pantry Items

This budget-friendly tamale casserole is made with mostly pantry ingredients, including corn, beans + spaghetti sauce.

Rach's Korean-Style Surf and Turf Dinner

Rachael's Korean-style surf and turf dinner of shrimp scampi + beef and broccoli is "yum, yum, yum!"

How to Make Korean-Style Shrimp Scampi and Beef and Broccoli | Rachael Ray

Watch Rachael show you how to make Korean-style shrimp scampi + beef and broccoli, her fun, easy twist on surf and turf.

Rach Goes Spanish With Super-Easy Braised Chicken + Chorizo

Rachael shares her "easy, easy, easy" braised Spanish-style chicken and chorizo with fire-roasted piquillo peppers, potatoes + tomatoes.

How to Make Chicken and Chorizo | Rachael Ray

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How to Make Lentil Salad With Carrots, Roast Chicken + Crunchy Chili Topping | Salad Freak

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Lentil, Carrot + Chicken Salad From Martha Stewart's Salad Chef!

Food and prop stylist (+ Martha Stewart's former personal salad chef!) Jess Damuck shares her easy lentil salad with roast chicken, carrots + chili crisp.

Rach's Pork Loin + Potato Dinner in Honor of Dolly Parton

Rach's hearty roast pork, Southern fried potatoes + warm slaw dinner was created in honor of guest Dolly Parton, who loves to serve pork loin when entertaining.

How to Make Garlic & Herb Roast Pork Loin, Southern Fried Potatoes + Warm Slaw | Rachael Ray

Watch Rachael show you how to make her easy garlic and herb roast pork loin with Southern "fried" potatoes + warm apple and onion slaw.