Whoopi Goldberg Does Hilarious Impression Of The Cat She Took In During Quarantine

Whoopi Goldberg tells Rach about the cat she took in during quarantine—hilarious impression included.

Cherries Wild Host Jason Biggs On Wife Jenny Mollen: I Keep Her Up To Date On Pop Culture News!

"I'm always the one that's coming in the room going, 'Did you hear so-and-so and so-and-so are getting divorced?' the "Cherries Wild" host tells Rachael.

Jason Biggs Thinks He'd Do Really Well On "Cherries Wild" — Here's Why

Jason Biggs is host of the new game show "Cherries Wild," but he says he could be a contestant — and a funny story involving wife Jenny Mollen proves it.

Drew Barrymore On Daughter Olive's Room: "Like the most disorganized pigpen spa you've ever been to"

Drew Barrymore on fostering 8-year-old daughter Olive's interests, which currently include turning her bedroom into a spa, her pet snake, Spike + cooking.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas On Why Her Mom Was In a Nightgown When She First Met Nick Jonas

"My mom was mortified," Priyanka Chopra Jonas says about the first time her mom met Priyanka's now-husband Nick Jonas ... in her nightgown.

Kristin Chenoweth Says She Couldn't Stop Eating The "Candy Land" Set (Yes, You Read That Right)

As host of the new Food Network show "Candy Land," Kristin Chenoweth says she had to be told "no" when it came to munching on the edible set.

Jenny McCarthy On Quarantining With 7 Teenage Boys For 5 Months: I Made 70 Pancakes Every Morning!

"Masked Singer" panelist Jenny McCarthy thought she and hubby Donnie Wahlberg had a brilliant idea at the beginning of quarantine — and then 5 months passed.

See Our Warm-Up Guy As Rodney Dangerfield's Character From "Caddyshack" | Halloween At Home

Our warm-up guy, comedian Joey Kola, dressed up as Caddyshack's Al Czervik (played by Rodney Dangerfield), to match Rach & John's Halloween costume theme.

Rachael & John Unanimously Agree That John's Beard Isn't Going Anywhere | Q & Ray & J

When a viewer asks John if he plans on shaving his beard, Rachael answers more quickly than he does — and John calls it his favorite question of the year.

Rachael Gets Super Honest About John's Golfing Skills (LOL!)

Watch Rach give John a hard time about how grumpy his new golfing hobby makes him.

Drew Barrymore: "My 6-Year-Old Daughter Wanted Plastic Cockroaches On Her Birthday Cake"

Drew Barrymore made her daughter Frankie a red velvet cake for her quarantine birthday in 2020—and Frankie requested plastic cockroaches on top. LOL!

Watch Bulldog Named Chunky Monkey Sleep With Food Balanced On His Head—LOL

Chunky Monkey is an adorable bulldog who stays sound asleep with burgers, fries, donuts, potato chips + more piled high on his face & paws.

Rachael Responds to Leslie Jordan's Instagram Shoutout In One of His Viral Videos

Rachael talks to actor Leslie Jordan, whose viral Instagram videos have been bringing us laughs amid the coronavirus pandemic.