How to Make Pomegranate-Harissa Chicken Wings | Chef Michael Solomonov

Watch chef Michael Solomonov show you how to make spicy-sweet baked + grilled chicken wings with tehina ranch dip.

Baked, Then Grilled, Spicy-Sweet Chicken Wings are Twice as Tasty!

Chef Michael Solomonov shares his baked + grilled pomegranate-harissa chicken wings served with a creamy tehina ranch dip.

Italian Rainbow Cookies in Cocktail Form

John shares his Rach-approved almond-flavored cocktail that tastes just like Italian rainbow cookies!

How to Make John’s Mambo Italiano Cocktail Inspired by Italian Rainbow Cookies | John Cusimano

Watch John Cusimano show you how to make an Italian rainbow cookie-inspired cocktail with sweet almond syrup, pomegranate juice, Cointreau and Prosecco.

Brighten Winter With a Blood Orange, Pomegranate and Vodka Cocktail

John creates a seasonal vodka cocktail with blood orange + pomegranate to go with the flavors in Rach's Warm Winter Panzanella.

How to Make a Fall Back Cocktail | John Cusimano

Watch John show you how to make a fall-to-winter cocktail with vodka, blood orange, pomegranate + rosemary.

John Uses Ginger to Give the Cosmo a "Spicy" Kick

Rachael's husband, John, spices up the cosmo with a golden-hued and super-flavorful turmeric-ginger simple syrup.

Jazz Up Holiday Brussels Sprouts With Pomegranate, Pine Nuts + Yogurt

Chef Daniel Boulud combines fried Brussels sprouts with pomegranate seeds, pine nuts, Parm + yogurt in an easy Thanksgiving side dish.

How to Make Crispy Fried Brussels Sprouts with Yogurt, Pomegranate and Pine Nuts | Daniel Boulud

Watch chef Daniel Boulud prepare crispy fried Brussels sprouts that are jazzed up for the holidays.

How to Make a Ginger Cosmo | John Cusimano

Watch Rachael's husband, John, put a golden-hued and "spicy" twist on the cosmo with a turmeric-ginger simple syrup.

Clinton Kelly's Baby Back Ribs With Ginger-Pomegranate Glaze

Clinton Kelly shares the recipe for his baby back ribs with ginger-pomegranate glaze that are ALWAYS a hit when he entertains.

How To Make Baby Back Ribs with Ginger-Pomegranate Glaze | Clinton Kelly

Watch Clinton Kelly show you how to make one of his most popular dishes for entertaining—Baby Back Ribs With Ginger-Pomegranate Glaze.

How To Make John's Chinatown Cosmo | John Cusimano

Watch John show you how to make his ginger beer- and lime-infused cocktail inspired by a friend's song.

John's Inspiration For The Chinatown Cosmo Cocktail Is Two-Fold

This lime- and ginger beer-infused cosmo was inspired by the song "Chinatown" by Rach & John's rocker buddy Jack Antonoff.