Rach Shares Her Preferred Way To Cook a Chuck Roast

Turns out, even though you can cook a chuck roast on top of the stove, Rach prefers THIS method instead.

Can You Cook a Chuck Roast on Top of the Stove?

Viewer Carol Anne N. on Facebook asked Rach if she could cook a chuck roast on top of the stove.Turns out the answer is yes. Here are Rach’s tips.

Rachael Whips Up Crispy-Skinned Chicken Under a Brick for Mother's Day

Rachael shares her easy Mother's Day main course: Italian-style chicken under a brick, which she serves with braised greens and beans + charred bread.

How to Make Chicken Under a Brick (Pollo alla Mattone) | Rachael Ray

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Rach's Pork Loin + Potato Dinner in Honor of Dolly Parton

Rach's hearty roast pork, Southern fried potatoes + warm slaw dinner was created in honor of guest Dolly Parton, who loves to serve pork loin when entertaining.

How to Make the Ultimate Roasted Chicken | Daniel Boulud

Watch Chef Daniel Boulud show you how to make the dish he says he'll never take off the menu: his "ultimate" roasted chicken with lemon, garlic + herbs.

Chef Daniel Boulud's Ultimate Roasted Chicken

Chef Daniel Boulud shares his "ultimate" roasted chicken, which is brined, stuffed with lemon, garlic and herbs + rubbed with butter before cooking.

Rach's Easter Potato-Radish Side Dish Is SO Good + Easy!

Rachael shares her crispy garlic butter-flavored roast potatoes + radishes, one of the side dishes at her "Easter feaster."

Rach Shares Her Mom's Special Boneless Rib Roast Recipe

Rachael shares a special treat: her mom's boneless rib roast served with horseradish + Dijon sauce.

How to Make Lentil Salad With Carrots, Roast Chicken + Crunchy Chili Topping | Salad Freak

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How to Make Boneless Rib Roast with Garlic and Herbs | Rachael Ray

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Rach's Holiday Roast—Choose Pork or Lamb—With an Herb & Nut Topping

Rachael shares her glorious holiday pork roast (lamb is great, too!) topped with a mixed herb, pistachio + citrus zest gremolata.