Man Starts Food Rescue Group That Saves Crops + Donates To People In Need During Covid | Good News

East West Food Rescue has rescued over 23 million pounds of produce that would have been destroyed + has given it to people in need of food during Covid.

Nonprofit Rescues 23M Pounds of Crops For People In Need During Covid

The nonprofit has rescued more than 23 million pounds of crops that would have been destroyed, bringing food to people in need during Covid.

Couple Recognizes Not All Kids Have Desks At Home + Start Building!

The "Desks By Dads" project was born when a couple from Maryland realized that many local kids didn't have desks at home for remote learning during Covid.

Desks By Dads Founders Build Desks For Kids In Need During Covid Remote Learning | Good News Story

When Jess and Al, from Gaithersburg, MD, realized many kids didn't have desks at home for remote learning during the pandemic, they wanted to help.

80-Year-Old Retiree Becomes Volunteer Firefighter In New Jersey | Good News Story

Meet 80-year-old retiree Bob Halberstadt, from Blairstown, NJ. He's been an EMT for 26 years + is now a volunteer firefighter!

This Retiree Became a Volunteer Firefighter at 80 Years Old!

Bob Halberstadt from Blairstown, NJ retired from the NY Daily News 8 years ago + has been an EMT for 26 years. At 80, he's now a volunteer firefighter too!

Downtown Boxing Gym Graduates Have a Special Video Message For Rach & John After Their House Fire

Remember that Thanksgiving Rach spent at Downtown Boxing Gym in Detroit? Well, Coach Khali & past students — who are now in college! — reached out to Rach.

These Teens Dress Up As Superheroes To Brighten Kids' Spirits During Covid | Good News Story

Isaiah, Stephan & Jasmine—the Drive By Heroes—are teens who dress up as superheroes, visit kids in their community + collect donations during the pandemic.

Virtual Baby Shower: Celeb Party Planner Helps Us Throw One For an Expecting Mom

Celeb party planner Mary Giuliani helps throw an expecting mom a virtual baby shower "in a box" during Covid—complete with family, friends + mom-mosas!

Remember When 50 Puppies Stormed The Stage in Honor of Rach's 50th Birthday?!

When our boss lady turned 50, we knew there was only one way to toast her — with MANY furry friends!

Updates From 4 Kids She's Inspired Make Rach Tear Up In 2018 Premiere

What better way to toast Rach for her 50th birthday than for her to see the results of her generosity?

Huge Surprise For Couple Who Share Rachael's Wedding Anniversary

As part of our Season 10 premiere in 2015 — a show full of surprises — we extended the fun to our fans with a huge surprise for one very special couple.

Rach Gets a Romantic Surprise From Her Husband John That She Never Saw Coming

During our Season 10 premiere in 2015, Rach's husband John surprises her AND our audience.