Spooky Snack Ideas

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Your guests don't have to be the only ones in costumes at your Halloween party -- why not dress up your food! Rach's culinary team shows you how to transform your pizza into a spider's web or create freaky bugs out of fruit! Get the instructions below. 

Spider Web Pizza
1 delivery pizza

1/2 cup ketchup
1/2 cup balsamic drizzle or reduction1/2 cup mixed green and black olives or olives of your choice, whole

Squeeze ketchup into a clean squeeze bottle or remove the cap of your ketchup bottle to use up what’s left at the bottom. Pour the balsamic drizzle into the bottle and shake to combine; add a little more balsamic drizzle if you want your ketchup “blacker”. Draw a spider web on the pizza with the balsamic ketchup. Cut all your olives in half the long way, assemble two halves in front of each other to create a spider body than slice the remaining olive halves to create legs. Arrange as many legs as you want your spiders to have, along the sides of the spider body. With the Sriracha, make little dots on the front of the spider bodies for eyes. Repeat with the remaining olives.

Freaky Fruit Bugs
1 container each of: (you can mix and match, too)
Dried dates
Dried apricots
Dried cherries
Golden raisins
Dried banana chips
Slivered almonds
Brazil nuts
Dried chow mein noodles
Shaved dried coconut
Pecan halves
Mix and match dried fruits, nuts and noodles to create freaky fruit bugs. For example, attach 2 slivered almonds on each side of a golden raisin to make a “fly” or attach chow mein noodles to the sides of a dried date to make a “spider”. Get creative! Serve with favorite cheese plate or on appetizer plates.

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