Dr. Phil Answers Your Most Pressing Questions

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Dr. Phil is ordering up a patty melt from short-order cook Katie Lee, and he’s dishing all about his favorite moments from the 2,000 episodes of Dr. Phil he’s hosted over the years! Since he often deals with family disputes and emotional situations, Rachael asks if it’s possible for him to have a separation from work when he goes home. He says there is one kind of episode that gets to him. “It is when it involves children,” explains Dr. Phil. “Having raised children and now having two grandchildren, it’s so close to home and you realize those kids are out there with no voice, no ability to say ‘no,’ no ability to fight back. So, when we get a chance to give a child a voice, that really impacts me and it’s gotten so much more personal for me since I have these two grandchildren.”

Then, 10 audience members are asking Dr. Phil their most pressing questions and he has just 60 seconds to answer them!

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