Retired Cop and Mom of Two Gets Elegant Makeover


Playing An Arresting Makeover For A Former Police Officer
An Arresting Makeover For A Former Police Officer Aired March 05, 2015

When Carla retired from her career as a police officer to be a stay-at-home mom , she faced an unusual predicament – she wasn’t used to choosing her own clothes!.

She's also struggling with something many women deal with as they age, sharing, "When I was younger, I was in shape. Now that I'm older, I've gained weight and I have a different body style now."

And many moms can relate to another issue Carla struggles with. "I always put my kids first and my family first, and now I want something for myself to boost my confidence," she reveals.

And she's getting that boost! Watch below for the stunning reveal.

What would you change about your look if you had the chance? Tell us in the comments!

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