Watch our 'Laundry Loader' Challenge!

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Playing Watch Our 'Laundry Loader' Challenge

Today, we're making laundry fun in a new game we're calling 'Laundry Loader'!

Two couples will be going head-to-head in a three-part laundry challenge. First, working together, each couple will have to unload all of the clothing from their LG dryer and place it into their hamper. As soon as every item is removed, they can move on to the next challenge.

Between the two of them, each couple will then need to put on every item of clothing in your hamper.

Once their hamper is empty, they'll head to their washer, where they'll need to unload all of the wet laundry into their dryer.

Whoever has all of their laundry in their dryer and closes their dryer first is going home with their very own Mega-Capacity LG Top Load Washer and LG Dryer with EasyLoad&trade Door!

This dryer has the LG EasyLoad™ dryer door, with duel-opening. It lets you load and unload the way you want. You just hit the button and open the door hamper style to load wet items from the washer. When drying is done, swing the door to the side to unload clothes into your laundry basket. It’s so big, you can fit a king size comforter and full set of bedding in a single load!

In other words: Let the fun begin!

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