7 Delicious Ways To Celebrate With Dad This Summer

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by Lisa Lozano

Both Father's Day and the first day of summer are right around the corner, so we're sharing our favorite activities you can do with dad — and we're kicking it up a notch by also giving advice and suggesting recipes that pair well with your activity of choice!

No. 1: Hit the Beach

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It's hard to imagine a more "summer" activity than a beach visit, and you're going to want to bring along a cooler stuffed with goodies. Want to skip the boring old sandwiches and packaged snacks and sodas? We've got seven delicious options that pair perfectly with a day at the beach! Keep reading...

No. 2: Take a Hike or Ride a Bike

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If quality time with dad in the great outdoors is on the menu, you'll need healthy snacks and fluids to keep you going, so we've got seven healthy options that pack up easily so you can take them on a hike, bike ride, or even to throw a football around. Keep reading...

No. 3: Hit the Farmers Market

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Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to take dad to your favorite local farmers market. We've got 11 things to keep in mind for your visit. Keep reading...

No. 4: Take a Road Trip

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Why not hit the road with dad, if only for a day trip? Sometimes the best conversations are had on the road. And here are three simple and delicious snacks you can make to take with you. Keep reading…

No. 5: Go on a Picnic

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A picnic is a perfect option for a Father's Day celebration, and we have 13 delicious options you can make and bring with you. Keep reading...

No. 6: Plan a BBQ

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What better way to thank dad for all his hard work than to let him put the grilling spatula down for a night and grill him up baby back ribs, steak, burgers or dogs? Read on for 7 ways to grill meat to show dad how much you care. Keep reading...

Go Out to Eat

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Even if you're not cooking at home and decide to go out to eat, we still have advice for you! We'll try to save you a few bucks by breaking down the 5 biggest secrets restaurants don't want you to know. Keep reading...

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