You Have to Meet these 7 Amazing Pooches for National Dog Day

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired August 26, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

To celebrate National Dog Day and to promote dog rescue and adoption, we’re counting down some of the most memorable pups to ever appear on our show!

No. 7: Toast

Hollywood Game Night host Jane Lynch brought this sweetie pie to visit Rach. Toast is a King Charles spaniel who was a breeding dog until she was rescued from a North Carolina puppy mill in 2011 and adopted by a New York couple. You can follow her on Instagram @ToastMeetsWorld.

No. 6: Marnie

This lop-tongued Instagram star (@marniethedog) is an older pooch who was adopted in rough shape, but her owner was able to rehabilitate her! She’s now a poster dog for adopting older dogs.

No. 5: Hunter

Four-month-old puppy Hunter was adopted from a shelter, and it was lucky for his new family, because he ended up rescuing them from a gas leak! Hunter’s mom reports that one night, the little pup would just not relax. He kept running around the house, and then went into the kitchen and sat by the stove. As it turned out, one of the burners had been left on with no flame, leaking gas for about six hours! If it hadn’t been for Hunter, the family might not have escaped unharmed.

No. 4: Scout

This beautiful pit bull has a special talent – he can balance just about anything on his head! His mom posts hilarious pics of him online with everything from toilet paper to cocktails on his head!

No. 3: Lieutenant Dan

After a beautiful 3-year-old girl named Sapphire was born with no feet, fingers or toes, her life changed when she was paired with an adorable therapy dog named Lieutenant Dan – who happens to have been born with no paws!

No. 2: Tugg

Tugg was abandoned as a puppy on the side of the road, in extremely bad shape. Luckily, he was taken in by Blake and Kim, two Texas animal control officers, who stood by his side to see him grow into a healthy dog! Not only that, but Blake, an artist, began writing comic books about Tugg, calling him the Super Hero Dog! And all the proceeds from the comic books go to charity. What a great story!

No. 1: Isaboo

And of course, how could we forget Rach’s beloved Isaboo? Watch this video to see her sweet and adorable pup pay a visit to mom.

Do you have a special dog in your life? Tell us about your special pooch in the comments!

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