Rach Surprises a Deserving Teacher with a Gift That Will Transform Her Classroom


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Meet an Inspirational Teacher Aired November 24, 2015

Meet Heidi.

The Mansfield, Massachusetts resident has been a kindergarten teacher for the last 17 years, and has spent much of that time working closely with students, including some with special needs.

Recently, she and her students tested out a new device she says greatly improved learning in her classroom. In fact, they loved the device so much, they've been trying to raise money to own one permanently at their school.

After hearing about their story, Rach teamed up with our good friends at the United States Postal Service® to give Heidi and her students an unforgettable holiday surprise.

Check out the incredible reveal in the video, below.

Stay tuned for more inspirational stories that are sure to make this season the best one yet!

To learn more about the United States Postal Service®, click here.

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