This Man Makeover Reveal Will Take Your Breath Away

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Playing Man's Ex-Wife Nominates Him for Incredible Makeover
Man's Ex-Wife Nominates Him for Incredible Makeover Aired December 07, 2015

They say that change can be a good thing, but sometimes, it's just necessary.

Recently, the staff at 'Rachael Ray' heard from a viewer named Karen, who said that her ex-husband Ian's hair had gotten so long, it was starting to affect his relationship with their two sons, Benjamin and Cameron.

"[Our] boys are getting older, and things have been said [about Ian's long hair]. I think I had to be the go-between," Karen revealed.

"I know it's been bothering them for awhile," added Ian, who admitted he has not gotten his haircut since 2011.

In fact, the situation got so hairy, Ian's parents offered to pay him to get a haircut.

"I said no," Ian quipped, "But I'll do it for [my sons]."

Now, with the help of Rachael Ray and style expert Kyan Douglas, Ian's getting a long-overdue man makeover that will completely modernize is outdated look. The big reveal will take your breath away.

Check it out now in the video below.


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