3 Holiday Heroes Get an Incredibly Heartwarming Surprise

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired December 11, 2015

All hour long, Rachael and our good friends at the United States Postal Service® are teaming up to surprise three very special viewers with gifts that will help make their holiday season even brighter.

First up: We heard from a viewer whose sister's home was destroyed in a house fire this past fall. Among the items lost in the fire: a copy of one of Rachael's cookbooks that the brother waited hours on line to have Rachael sign way back in 2006.

After reading the brother's letter, Rachael couldn't think of a better way to make up for lost items. Check out the emotional reveal in the video below.

Meanwhile, we also heard from a couple who asked their wedding guests to perform random acts of kindness instead of giving them common wedding gifts. Hear more of their story, below.

About a year ago, the wife of the couple launched an online art business that sells inspirational art work to her customers. One hundred percent of the profits she makes go to making people happy through random acts of kindness. Because of her truly heartwarming work, we thought we'd surprise her with a little gift that will help her continue to spread kindness throughout the world. Check out the big reveal, below.

Last but not least, we've got an amazing surprise for one of our youngest viewers: an adorable 6-year-old kid who’s helping to give back to his community through food. Hear more about his story, plus the big surprise we have for this incredible youngster, below.

To learn more about the United States Postal Service®, click here.

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