The 3 Best Bras You've Never Heard Of

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired June 23, 2016

Our beauty expert Gretta Monahan is stopping by to reveal three unique bras that make some incredible claims!

Get a Custom-Fit Bra Without Leaving Home

Jockey’s Real Fit bra is sized using a “fit kit” that you can use at home to determine the correct size, and then order a custom sized bra. The kit comes with a $20 coupon to use toward a bra purchase.

Should You Be Sleeping in This Bra?

Gretta cautions that our breasts can get prematurely damaged by gravity pulling them as we sleep at night. The NightLift bra is meant to keep everything in place while you sleep, and there are no wires!

A Bra That Can Record Health Data?!

The OMbra sports bra features a device that can record health data like steps and heart rate and report via an app.

Which of these bras would you be most likely to buy? Tell us below.

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