4 Ways to Declutter and Beautify with Shoes and Belts

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Decluttering and design pros Peter Walsh and John Gidding are sharing four tips related to shoes and belts that can help you get organized and create beautiful storage.

Tip 1: Store Your Belts Easily

Peter shows you how you can very easily use shower curtain rings and a clothing hanger to store your belts.

Tip 2: Use Old Leather Belts to Make Chic Hanging Shelves

John Gidding shows you how to easily and cost-effectively make chic shelving with two by fours and leather belts.

Tip 3: Use Tension Rods to Store Shoes in Drawers

Peter shows you how you make multi-level shoe storage in a drawer using tension rods!

Tip 4: Use Vintage Ladders to Hang Heels

John says you can find cheap vintage ladders at salvage yards, then fix them up a bit and stand them in your bedroom and use them as a high heel shoe rack!

What is your biggest clutter challenge? Share below!

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