3 Ingenious Double-Duty Household Tips from Our Viewers

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 9:00 AM, March 7, 2016

Aired March 7, 2016

What’s better for your budget than finding two purposes for one household product? Three of our viewers are sharing brilliant ways to repurpose everyday items!

Tip 1: Use a Paint Roller to Perfectly Frost Cake

Jennifer from Vermont shared this tip – to get a perfectly frosted cake, just use a mini paint roller with a foam brush cover!

Tip 2: Use Dental Floss to Cut Cheese or Cake

Another viewer, Sarah, had this amazing tip – use unscented dental floss to get a clean cut when slicing cheese or cake.

Tip 3: Use an Eyelash Curler to Open Bottled Beer

If you’re out and about and don’t have a bottle opener, but want to pop open a beer, just try this tip from Judy. She shows you how to quickly and easily repurpose your eyelash curler to pop off a bottle cap!

Which of these tips is your favorite? Share below!