Clean Your Kitchen the Easy Way with 6 Simple Tips

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired July 25, 2016

We may not want to admit it, but our pots, pans and kitchen appliances can get pretty grimy. Stop the mess in its tracks with six super easy cleaning tips from Geoffrey Zakarian.

Tip 1: How to Clean a Cast Iron Pan

First Geoffrey recommends using two cast iron pans – one for fish, and the other for meat. To clean, he just cranks up the heat and adds a bunch of kosher salt to the pan. He then (carefully because the pan will be hot) scrubs the pan with a paper towel. He uses a spatula to get all the gunk and salt out of the pan, gives it a final wipedown with a paper towel, then stores it.

Tip 2: How to Clean a Baking Sheet

If you have a baking sheet that has a lot of cooked-on grime, just put several dryer sheets in the pan, then add hot water. Let it sit a couple hours, then the grime should just rinse off.

Tip 3: How to Clean a Marble Countertop

Mix flour into soapy water to make a paste, then slather the paste onto your countertop. Then apply plastic wrap over the top. Leave for an hour to overnight, then just wipe with a sponge, and the stains will pull right out.

Tip 4: How to Clean Your Toaster

Geoffrey suggests unplugging your toaster, then dabbing a wet rag into cream of tartar, and just wiping the surface of your toaster.

Tip 5: How to Clean Your Dishwasher

Just fill up the soap section with distilled white vinegar and run a cycle.

Tip 6: How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Geoffrey recommends to pour used coffee grounds and hot water into your drain and grind a few times, then pour in some boiling water, to remove stains and odors.

What’s the dirtiest area in your kitchen? Share below.

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