For a Healthier Marriage, Remove These Two Words From Your Vocabulary

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When a newlywed couple came to us seeking advice on how to better communicate without pushing buttons and putting each other on the defense, we knew just who to call to tell them what NOT to do.

Divorce attorney Vikki Ziegler!

"There are certain things that we all say to each other when we're angry," she tells the couple. "There are two words I want you to remove from your vocabulary -- never and always."

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"That causes resentment and you're always going to be defensive," she goes on. "Try to language things positively."

Want to see exactly how it's done?

Watch the video above to hear Vikki spin a negative "never" statement into a positive one.

Oh, and the divorce attorney has one more thing you should NEVER do (yes, she said NEVER).

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She suggests communicating your issues with each other first and foremost, not with all of your family and friends!

"Don't cc the world," says Vikki.

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