Pay It Forward: #HundredDollarDeeds


Playing Pay It Forward: #HundredDollarDeeds (Plus an Exclusive Discount on School Supplies!)
Pay It Forward: #HundredDollarDeeds (Plus an Exclusive Discount on School Supplies!) Aired September 07, 2017

It’s back-to-school season, and you know what that means? New school supplies! Unfortunately, not all parents can afford to provide their children with the supplies they need for school, that’s why Sabrina Drude, a teacher at Francis R. Scobee Middle School in San Antonio, Texas, takes it upon herself each year to buy them for her students so the parents don’t have to worry. “Traditionally students would get a supply list and their parents would take that list and go to the store, but that doesn’t always happen,” says Drude, who says he does this kind of thing regularly. “Maybe their parents’ paycheck hasn’t come in quite yet. Maybe the kids know that their parents can’t afford it and they’re too embarrassed to ask.”

This year, while Drude was in the checkout with 170 notebooks for her students, a bystander, Lester Brown, asked why she was buying all of those supplies. Brown was so touched by her act of kindness that he stepped in between her and the cashier and said “Nope! I’m getting everything – I want to pay for all of it.” Rachael brought them together for an emotional reunion with a surprise up her sleeve.


Our friends at Yoobi, a school and office supply company, generously donated supplies for every single child at Francis R. Scobee Middle School!


In an effort to spread positivity and pay it forward, the Rachael Ray show gave every audience member $100 bill and asked them post photos or videos of their good deeds on social media using the hashtag #HundredDollarDeeds -- and we want you to share all your good deeds, too! Tag us at @TheRachaelRayShow on Facebook, @RachaelRayShow on Instagram or @RachaelRayShow on Twitter for the chance to be reposted.
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